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In addition to new Containers, special containers and glass containers, Russiabrothers equally offers a wide range of used containers.

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To buy used containers at Russiabrothers is as easy as a thought to get a container for whatever reason. We sell containers of all sorts from shipping containers to event containers. Our 70+ depos over the world guarantee fast delivery anywhere. Take a look at our selection!

Most of the containers you can meet at the seaport and in our depots at Russiabrothers are used containers. At Russiabrothers, we equally provide new containers and some modified versions listed below

There’s a lot of information out there about how to buy used shipping containers, but a lot of it is out of date or just flat out inaccurate. It’s important to understand that shipping containers are a byproduct of the global logistics industry. Containers are rarely scrapped, and are usually loaded when sent back out of the US or Canada. Some containers are sent back empty, and a very small percentage are made available for sale to companies like ours. We post prices online so you can buy shipping containers on our website. 

Things to Know Before You Buy a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are a byproduct of a much bigger industry, and the price of used shipping containers in places like Long Beach or Houston is impacted more by cargo than by end user demand for people that need to buy shipping containers for storage.

Steel shipping containers are extremely durable, so it wouldn’t make sense to just scrap a large portion of them due to a trade imbalance. Usually shipping lines will use a container for 12+ years before taking it out of their fleet.

We buy containers directly from those shipping companies and intermodal equipment firms and offer them to our customers at a wholesale price. Hence, it is quite easy to buy used containers at russiabrothers. But if you want absolutely to buy a new container at russiabrothers, just specify and you will be served

Containers get banged around when they’re loaded and unloaded at ports or stacked at the intermodal depot. The largest container ships in the world now hold over 20,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). It’s unlikely that you’ll load that many containers onto a ship without occasionally banging them into one another.

All used containers have rust and dents. Period. However shipping containers are now made from Cor-ten steel which ensures they’ll be durable and won’t cause damage to cargo.

Containers are certified for shipment with CSC surveys. When those surveys expire, sometimes shipping lines and intermodal equipment firms opt to just sell the container where it sits. A container that is no longer certified to have over 300,000 pounds of cargo stacked on top is still great to use for storage.

Don’t get hung up on rust and dents on a used shipping container. If you’re worried about the appearance of your container, we recommend pressure washing it and painting it after arrival or buying a one trip (like new) container. Whether you want to buy used containers or buy new containers online, you are at the right place at

The shipping containers you see stacked up at the port or rail terminals are usually loaded with cargo and only a small percentage of them are available for purchase. Additionally, the port or depot doesn’t own the container, they’re just storing it for a shipping line or intermodal equipment leasing firm.

Most of the companies that actually own the shipping containers are based in Asia or Europe. We leverage our relationship with global container providers to help our customers buy shipping containers in the US & Canada.

We’ve even sold used shipping containers to the Port of Houston Authority that were already at the Port of Houston. will facilitate the process for you to buy used shipping containers or buy  new shipping containers as well as the logistics for you to have them wherever you desire.

Over the past few years there’s been an increasing number of people selling shipping containers in places like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and by paying Google to show up in your search. 

In most cases it’s a commission-only sales rep posting the ads and fulfilling the order through a company that hasn’t been around for very long. Because of the high churn rate for those commission-based salespeople, they’re often times inexperienced and don’t understand how everything in the industry works.

We have a highly professional sales and operations team, and our company has been rated A+ from the Better Business Bureau since 2017 (our first year eligible, after being founded in 2015). None of our employees earn a direct commission on your order, and we just want to make sure you get the right container for your project. 

We understand that there are occasionally companies that offer lower prices than we do. But if a company’s warranty is longer than they’ve existed as a business, what are you really buying? At you are assured of a warranty in our 15 years of existence and therefore you have the possibility to buy used containers as well as buy new containers.

We’ve seen people online recommend having your container inspected to ensure it’s in good working condition. This seems like a waste of time and money to us and is only really necessary if you’re buying from someone who might not be reputable.

If you need your container surveyed for export we’re happy to arrange that. This is an unnecessary expense for customers that will be using their container for storage purposes.

Completing a CSC or IICL inspection of your container means hiring and scheduling a third-party surveyor. Doing this usually adds 3-5 days to your delivery schedule. If you’re not exporting the container the survey you paid for is more or less worthless.

We guarantee every container we sell will be structurally sound and free of leaks because we source our containers directly from reputable global suppliers. Less than 1% of our customers ever need to utilize their warranty because we make sure our customers are getting quality used shipping containers.

The difference between CWO (cargo worthy) and WWT (wind and water tight) used shipping containers is that one can be stacked while loaded on a cargo ship and one cannot without a survey (and potentially minor repairs) being completed. Neither will leak, but there is no cosmetic difference between CWO and WWT shipping containers, it’s just a shipping readiness classification.

Containers that are rated up to IICL (International Institute of Container Lessors) standard are not going to look any better than WWT or CWO containers. They’re just going to be ready for export cargo. In fact, because IICL places limits on things like the size of dents on container sidewalls, sometimes IICL containers will have big rusty patches all over them. The shipping line doesn’t care about cosmetics, they just care that the container will keep their cargo dry.

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