20′ hazardous waste container, side opening


Premium class 6m Glass Container with three glass walls and one enclosed wall. Eye-catching, bright, and open 13m2 container for various uses.20′ (6 m) HC Open Side i.e. high-cube side opening Container. The height of the container is about 30 cm higher than the standard 20′ Open Side Container. One long side of the container can be fully opened and it has double doors at the end walls.


Upgrades available

Upgrades available if you want


Customized Color

Steel/aluminium floor


Electricity & Lighting

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You’re looking at our flagship model for hazardous waste containers! These are 20’/6m side and end opening shipping containers equipped with a containment tank (ca 1250L) and drain valves. Much like your standard ISO shipping containers, even these hazardous waste containers are made of Corten steel and are suitable for freight (CSC). One of the longer sides can be fully opened and the standard double doors at one of the short ends make it easier to load stuff inside the container. Standard equipment includes passive ventilation, forklift pockets and the floor material is made of galvanized steel grating without a threshold. This container model is built sturdy enough to handle the weight of a forklift inside the container. The container can be equipped with EI60 fire insulation, lights, mechanical ventilation or ATEX equipment. If you want a durable container with a containment tank at a reasonable price, this model is perfect for you!
CSC, ISO shipping container which can be used for overseas transport
Payload : 27 080 KG
Tare : 3400 KG
Operating temperature between -30 and +80 degrees Celsius
Color: dark grey RAL 7016
Lifting with forklift pockets (only when the container is empty) or corner pieces
ca 1250L containment tank
Floor material galvanized steel grating. The grating can be removed (bolt mounting), no threshold
Bigger air vents for passive ventilation compared to standard containers
Forklift pockets
The doors equipped with lockboxes
EI60 fire insulation
Electricity and lights (IPS or ATEX)
Mechanical ventilation (IPS or ATEX)

Length: 6058 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5898 mm, Width: 2288 mm, Height: 2298 mm.

Capacity: 31 m3.