6×3.2m Glass Container, 3 glass walls


Premium class 6m Glass Container with three glass walls and one enclosed wall. Eye-catching, bright, and open 13m2 container for various uses.20′ (6 m) HC Open Side i.e. high-cube side opening Container. The height of the container is about 30 cm higher than the standard 20′ Open Side Container. One long side of the container can be fully opened and it has double doors at the end walls.


Upgrades available

Upgrades available if you want


Customized Color

Steel/aluminium floor


Electricity & Lighting

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This eye-catching Premium class 6×3.2m Glass Container is one of our most popular containers year after year. The container has one 6m glass wall with glass double doors. Both short end walls are also made of glass. One of the long 6m walls is enclosed. Items such as store furniture or shelves can be attached to it. The enclosed wall, floor and roof are thermally insulated for year-round use.  A power supply, sockets, lights, heating, and air conditioning come as standard equipment. The floor of the glass container is a grey vinyl floor, the window frames are white, and the exterior of the container is dark grey (RAL 7024) or light grey (RAL 7035).  We also supply all colours and the colours of glass profiles are also available in container colours instead of standard white. A great solution for events, pop-up store or long-term store use.Office containers can be linked together, with the power supplied with a 5-pin, 32A socket, which can also be converted to 16A with an adapter. The container can be equipped with several different accessories such as air source heat pumps, computer plugs, and the container can be painted in a completely unique colour.

Uses: events, office space, temporary facilities, pop-up shop, control rooms, sports events, commentator booths


Walls 80 mm PIR (sandwich)
Floor 100 mm wool
Roof 50 mm wool + 50 mm PIR

Standard Equipment
Recessed LED lights on the ceiling, 10 pcs
Electrification and heater
Ventilation valve and exhaust air fan
Forklift pockets
Glass double doors with door pump
Glass end walls

Length: 6050 mm, Width: 3200 mm, Height: 2795 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5840 mm, Width: 2990 mm, Height: 2520 mm