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Our Main Services at Russiabrothers

In addition of  sales of containers we offer various logistic services for the containers as well as provide some protection equipment for your home and leisure. We are specialized in project cargos and special cargo handling. Our team has over 15 years of experience organizing international transports with a lot of moving parts.


Container Sales

At Russiabrothers, we sale various types of shipping containers in various sizes, modified glass containers and special containers


Container Transformation

At russiabrothers, we transform the container to suit the client needs whether it's for business , office space or mobile toilets


Fire Arm Sector

Russiabrothers have equally over the years acquired documentation and involved with experience in the sales of fire arms for protection, shot guns, rifles, glock etc

Russia Brothers Commercial container sector

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All types of containers available at Russiabrothers. Also involved with the transformation of containers to glass, special containers, insulated containers etc

Russia brothers

You affordable Container delear

Our Working Process


Contact and needs

We listen to needs explained to us by clients and immediately give a proposal or the client chooses personal



We propose and discuss together with the clients


Order confirmation and address

As soon as the client confirms the order and address, we plan everything logistics immediately


Delivery and installation

Delivery and installation is the last step and everything is at the desired location

More about Russiabrothers?

Without bragging, it is true – our container customers love us. We are proud to say that well over 80% of our customers would happily recommend our business to their friends and family, and with over 1000 customers worldwide, we must be doing it right!